Thursday, January 14, 2021

01.14.21 "Here's your mail....".

     It was nice to look up and see something in writing anything other than psych. Theresa handed me the On the Water 2021 Anglers Almanac, which reads "Your Guide to Fishing New Jersey". 

Mmmmm...I like to read about fishing New Jersey, because that where I fish

    I was eager to get into this issue while I had some time between patients. Now last year someone I know graced the cover of one of the issues. It was the New Jersey edition, nut the image was shot up in Massachusetts. I know stripers move, but I think, that issues that are titled by state, should have images from that state and fishery, otherwise I call "Fake News". 

     This years cover, as always great cover art work done by OTW editors, is well, shot somewhere. Could be Jersey, could be Montauk or Block, we'll never know, and most people don't care.

     Now inside, the usual great layouts and mix of art and words. Pete Barret does the fly article, which isn't Jersey, per se. And then the articles go on, wind farms, clamming, boulder fields, ice fishing, striped bass, brown trout in I missing something? 

     Jimmy Fee, the editor, does a great job. Its nice to see magazines still out there and some, making a profit or a living. Its nice that they pay for content, and I have been lucky to both provide images, inside and cover, and articles, for print. That said, hopefully next year 'the guide" will be more of that. Maybe all the articles for that state written by Captains and anglers who spend round the calendar year fishing for striped bass. I'm in. 

702 PM update.....sent from a friend- maybe it was caught in New Jersey, or not


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

01.12.21 Found this from 9 years ago.....

     This popped up on my Memories on Facebook. It was from the winter that never came and the fall that never ended. Can you name the spot?

     Here's what the caption read "Found fly anglers working the outgoing tide. While scouting saw a kayaker launch and then catch a keper sized striper while working the rocks".

Monday, January 11, 2021

01.11.21 Gettin' her ready.....

     So my wife asked what I wanted to do for my birthday. We, I said, "I want to take my boat and get some gas". I dragged my mom along for the ride, and she too thought, local gas station, get gas, be home in 30 minutes. However, the gas I wanted was ethanol-free and it was from WaWa which was located in Allentown, PA, about and hour and 10 minutes away. 

     Well I got to get the trailer out and about and some heat on the tires and axle. Found out that the drivers side lights are out and need to be redone. When I got the boat home I gave her a once over, emptied the compartments and fired her up. After a quick charge on the battery and some water to keep her cool she purred like a kitten. 

     March 1st the Delaware River opens and so does the Rarity Bay. I'll be out early this year, and the boat will meet the Delaware for the first time. No sense in winterizing her now, and forget the shrink wrap, I'm praying for a mild winter. 

     And for dinner on this 53rd birthday? A great meal with a trio of great ladies at Tony Da Caneca in Newarks' Ironbound section. We had cataplana a "algarvia, paella Valencia. and skirt steak followed by some delicious desserts. It was a Nic e change of scenery from the usual haunts in Mercer and Hunterdon Counties. 

Thursday, January 7, 2021

01.07.21 God Bless America....

     Was working yesterday so I didn't see what was going on in Washington. Doesn't surprise me. The events of this past year didn't surprise me. My pulse doesn't really change about these things. I stay in the middle, on just about everything. My knowledge and opinions aren't strong enough, or correct enough, to try and engage others or have them see my middle of the road views. 

     Now my pulse may not change, but that doesn't mean that I don't get saddened when I see people put their own beliefs and agendas into action, usually at the harm of others, either physically or psychologically, or both. I can have a conversation on just about nothing, and never feel the need to be right or change someones mind, unless its about something I do or about someone I love. 

     I always say, put other people first, stop to help others, and do the right thing when no one else is watching. I am sure I have harmed others before, and that is the part of each of us we have to improve and make amends for. 

     During the last year I have done just that. Share the peace and the love. Stay in my own lane. Understand that the actions of a few cannot be blanketed over an entire population, culture, even fanatic. I do believe that social media and the media has jumped the shark and is doing more negative than positive, that is why I don't watch or engage. My only social media I used is Facebook, to share some fishing and personal stuff with friends and family, but I am questioning if that is even a negative thing these days. This blog, never gonna stop, because its almost 100% fishing related. 

Take care of yourself, and each other. 


Monday, January 4, 2021

01.04.20 First shot 2021...

      Had to be down that way so I threw my stuff in the truck and gave it a go with just an hour or so on the ebb tide. Nearly 50 degree air temp and 47 in the water. Water was stained and the last of the swell was breaking off the beach. Mostly tried off the rocks but didn't manage a tap. 

    When I was walking down to the next groin met up with a guy who had just hooked a 14 inch bass. It was nice to get out, see you on the mid-Delaware in March.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

01.03.21 So here's the best of 2020....

     So the kid will always win. Looking back on 2020, and through the mess, mess of Covid, mess of the way we acted as human beings, the mess of politics, there was some good fishing times. I could say I had a good year, really started to get dialed in, just get dialed in, not dialed in, to the Delaware River striped bass fishery, good times, but that f'in drive, along the Jersey Shore, the much anticipated Martha's Vineyard week, and a shot on the Upper Delawareduring the summer. And the winner is.....

     ....May 13th and fishing a higher tide at the Trenton Makes Bridge with Erin. Why? Because it was time together, and yes, because she caught a fish. While we know its not about catching, sometimes you need to catch some fish in order to get the disorder brewing. You can recap that night HERE

      Erin's first fish on a fly rod, well officially, was May 21, 2009, you can recap that HERE. I know enough with the kid already, but the early one, from 12 years ago is a fun read. You all know my 

kids, made or borrowed, have never followed my footsteps with fly fishing. They may pick it up to appease me, but never on their own, and for never more than five minutes. I have given up all hope, but then every now and then my last true hope, Erin, says or does something to hang on. In 2017, she showed an interest in tying flies, that lasted, well about a night, but the seed was planted. And this


year she landed a few striped bass on the fly, now the seed is starting to grow some roots. Hopefully 2021 will have her see all the wonderful things fly fishing can bring into her life, time with dad, time outdoors, meeting new people, and beginning a life long passion, and addiction, that we all enjoy. 

Friday, January 1, 2021

01.01.21.....Happy 2021

     Happy New Years to you and yours! Hope its healthy and Covid free, quarantine ending, financially rewarding, and if revenant to your life, very fishy. I got fishy plans this year, some old, some new, some group, some solo. This year will be very fishy for me...I just need it. I see a drift boat back in my life sometime, not sure just when. I love to have one, even if I'm not guiding. Sadly my aluminum boat would have suited me well bouncing off the boulders down here in my parts of the Delaware while on the hunt for stripers, but it is was what is was and is what it is. 

     Before my truck took a salt bath in December I had ordered historic and personalized plates. After completing the application and "proof" process" I waited, and in the meantime dam near sank her, but just before the new year the plates arrived. 

     If you know me then you know I am huge Grateful Dead fan. In 2009 I introduced BERTHA, a conversion van that served my family well since the mid 1990's. In good time she was sold but I still have the plates. So when it came to naming my 1995 GMC pick up it would have to be a different name

 as there will only ever be one BERTHA. So I took a shot, figuring all the Dead related names would be going, but I was wrong. So I introduce, well you've seen her before, ALTHEA. Below is a little jingle sung by Jerry in 1991, enjoy!