Thursday, December 21, 2023

12.21.23 Tomorrow is the deadline for your ASMFC written comments...

     The deadline for anglers to write in their comment on Addendum II is Friday December 22, 2024. If you pitch a bitch to your boys about how striped bass are doing these days and don't write in then just shut up. No seriously. We had a dismal turnout in New Jersey on both the virtual and in-person meetings. There is still time to get involved and help those that are in the trenches working to protect the striped bass. As a member of the American Guides Association I refer you to their website and the explanation of Addendum II, which is what you would be offering your opinion on. You can see more on their website HERE

     I don't care what side of the bass you are on, I look forward to hearing the comments from all sides which the ASMFC definitely needs before they vote on the addendum. Want to catch and kill them all? I respect, while don't sign on for that, for your right to be heard. While we hope things are a true democracy, we, well I, know that there are things that influence votes, such as money and politics. Not like brown bag money, but the strength and power of for hire and commercial fisheries. A lot of the "blame" has shifted from the commercial sector to the recreational fisherman. And you know I believe any head boat, six pack, or walking guide should count as a commercial entity. People are paying money to fish, it's a business, it's not a Mom taking her kid to the beach to fish. 

     Below is what I penned in. Don't agree? I respect that. But I do know that between me attending and speaking at the virtual meeting and writing in I have at least done my part. Please do yours. You can submit via email at and in the subject line put Striped Bass Addendum II.

     After you submit your comment you'll recieve a receipt for your submitted comment. As below,