Sunday, July 25, 2021

07.25.21 Celebrating 6 years today...

     Six years ago today we tied the knot. Since then we have made the knot tighter, sometimes around each others neck, but mostly around each others heart. They say marriage isn't easy, and that's mostly about first marriages, well the ones after that are more challenging, but also more rewarding. Six years has seemed like 20, we've been through some tough times, but have been able to have a lot of fun together and watch as the kids grow and leave the nest. She has put up with my fishing and I have put with her........well nothing of course. We continue to grow as individuals and as a couple and I am lucky to have been reunited with Theresa. One thing that is for sure, if you asked me twenty something years ago when we worked together as nurses at Overlook Hospital is we'd be celebrating our 6th year wedding anniversary in July, 2021 I would have said you were nuts. Happy A-Day Theresa I Love You. 

     So I know its a fishing blog, or fishing related blog. This weekend we hit the house in Cape May to celebrate out anniversary and found a new place that will be on our regular list. Its located in the Grassy Sound section of North Wildwood and its called The Lazy Bass. Its obviously named after my favorite fish the striped bass so we had to check it out. We found it by accident chasing an estate sale that turned out to be a week earlier. It was a great find. 

    It's a bar. Alcohol only. And the beer is ice cold kept on a bed of ice in a little dingy center bar. As for food they have a food truck in the parking lot and you go and order and they bring it to you. On the busier weekend and holidays they have two trucks. The trucks come from as far as NYC, Philly and Baltimore I am told, so each day its a new type of food. We ate a solid burger and crab filled tater tots. 

     They have live music and a good crowd throughout the day. We scored a bar seat at 430 but after that it was a wait, and 1-1/2 hour waits to get in on the busy days and times isn't unheard of. 

     One word of caution. Make sure you eat while you are there. Its the kind of place where you can forget the drink counts and before you know it you'll be a little wobbly. So have a designated driver or an Uber card ready just in case you need it. You can see more on their Facebook page HERE