Tuesday, July 13, 2021

07.13.21 "Watch the (train) car please....."

     If you've been to Wildwood boardwalk then "Watch the tram car please...." is something that your brain will never release from memory and haunt you for the rest of your life. 

     Last night it was watch out for the trains. Hit the Manasquan a few hours before hight tide, just after the storm blew through New Jersey. I contemplated going to the beach, which is like a Pavlovian response when I'm going fishing, but I didn't know what the rain and runoff did so I just veered south off 195. 

     Spent a few hours hitting spots along the tracks, around the dock lights, and along Dog Beach. Saw some bait, nothing on it, but it was nice to try a different place. I have had good times down there in the summer but not last night. 

           This week there mornings are dead low going into sunrise and it's just not worth the drive from Lambertville. But maybe next week I'll give it a go.