Friday, July 16, 2021

07.16.21 Coupla just not long enoughs...

     Summer fishing has settled in. Summer is more about if the fish are there rather than the expertise of the angler. Obviously some skills help, but the really only way you're going to catch is to become part of the grind which is summer fishing, which is mostly for fluke and striped bass. 

     The grind is fishing just about everyday. Early mornings or late evenings. Some days none, some days one, and every now and then a few. The summer gauge is keeper sized, 28" for the bass and 18" for the fluke. Its hard to just come and catch one of those days where the fish are there, if it happens great, but you should keep your expectations low. 

     Today the expectations were low. End of the outgoing with dead low about 630 and a SW-W wind that helped push out the water. The beat we were on kept some water, there just wasn't much for fish there. We each managed a 17+" fish, but it didn't hit that 18" mark so they went back. Leif saw some bait and something of a predator species chasing it, maybe a bass, blue, fluke, or a cow nosed ray, which we should start seeing in the shallows. If you've caught one and landed it, then you're probably like me, and good with that.


Leif Pettersen photo

     I think I'm done for the summer. I've really had a great spring and early summer. I can't wait for the cooler temperatures of the fall. Today getting up at 230 AM to be on the beach at 4 is just a killer.