Thursday, July 8, 2021

07.08.21 A little quiet before the storm....

     My mom survived her first Hurricane since moving to Florida a few weeks ago. Elsa came and went through Manatee County without much of a footprint left. She's heading this way and we should see some weather tonight or tomorrow.

     I was thinking today would be good, fish on the feed before the storm, but that was not to be. I had a bass jump a popper at first light and Leif landed the only other fish in the beat we were on. There wasn't a fluke to be had as the steady south winds of late may have cooled in to far for their liking. 

     One cool thing to see through the lens was sun angled down and shining on Ryan's rock. I stood there thinking that would be a sign and produce a fish, again, wrong. Its summer fishing at its beast, one and done, or none and done.