Thursday, July 9, 2020

07.09.20 One and done and I'm done....

     I should have known by the flag that air would be dense and the humidity would be around 150%. I was sweating the second I got out of my truck at 4 am. It was about an hour before dead low but I have to fish when I have to fish. I started with a black popper and a Erin fly dropper. There wasn't

much for water around and I walked through the troughs and up and out on the bar to try the deeper waters. I made my way out on the end of a groin and fished some good water without a tap. In very skinny water I did manage to catch a small bass on Erin's fly, no need for a picture, you've seen 14 inch bass before. I thought maybe it would get better.

     I fished the beach end of a notched groin for an hour, popper/dropper and UAF and dropper without a touch. I know we hate notched groins, but when the water is coming south to north, and its deep on the north side, it does look good, just none home this morning.