Friday, July 3, 2020

07.03.20 Gonna stay local.....

    First patient was 1 pm. Up at 6. Decided to spend some time with the chickens, do some weed picking, hit the Trenton Farmers Market with the wife and still get some fishing in before work. That's what happens when you stay local. So my choices are striped bass (too hot leave them alone), smallmouth bass (would be great from a boat), sunnies (lots of them), snakeheads (saw two but no interest, or carp (saw bunch not a touch).

     This is what I was looking for along the Delaware and Raritan Canal after I gave up on the almost drought like conditions in the Delaware River. So if you look above and at the the slight left of the weed line you can see a silly brown cloud. That's the carp. Saw some nice sized ones. Caught sunny after sunny and they just got in the way. If you don't believe me look closer at the picture, you'll see the carps scales, that one that got away.