Tuesday, December 9, 2014

12.09.14 "Where's the beach ?"

     It's been a while since I have ranted about beach "nourishment" along the Jersey Shore. Here is Little Monmouth. It has been replenished three times in the last four years. It is almost all gone. These images were taken at almost low tide, at high tide the water was over the wall. I can't imagine that anyone "pro" beach replenishment can look at these images and say the program works...it continues to be a waste of taxpayer money. Next year there will be hardly any beach for beachgoers to sit on, but the pocket at the groin should be prime for fishing.

Here's some pics before the beach replenishment and then after. What a joke.

     On my way through Sea Bright on the outgoing tide there was a familiar sight....flooding. This morning they had to rescue people on the high water moon tide. I believe post-Sandy was the time for this town to get some things right. I hate to tell people how and where they can live....but this same story repeats itself over and over again for decades.