Monday, December 1, 2014

12.01.14 This photo made me do a little cyber surfing......

Facebook post photo by Rex Manning

     This weekend I saw a flotilla of boats up around "rocky" areas off the beach and wondered how the tog, aka blackfish, bite was going. Yesterday I saw the above photo posted on Facebook by Rex Manning on the Surfcasters page. That's a 10+ pound tog. I went and searched around on the internet on pages like SOL and BassBarn and even on the local party boats fishing reports page........bass fishing is over and tog are on. 
     That's not to say theres not some bass around and guys are finding a pick here and there on the beach, rocks and boat.....but it does show the trend that anglers have abandoned striper fishing for a more abundant and tasty species. 

     As far as today.....I counted 13 groins and it was just me and my friend Rich out fishing the skinny outgoing tide. No birds, no bait, no least for me. But I'm getting used to it.