Wednesday, December 3, 2014

12.03.14 Noticed the changes to Spring Lake......

     Traveled south down to Spring Lake today. Not hearing much anywhere above the Manasquan Inlet but I wanted to scout south. Went I got to the beach I was pleasantly surprised in a selfish fisherman kind of way. It seems most of the post-Sandy beach replenishment that was done along the Spring Lake stretch is now gone. That's a good thing. What's bad is that most of the sand seems to have been deposited in sand bars between the groins. I could tell it wasn't good because the surfers weren't around these beaches, but were out in plenty in other not-yet-replenished towns. If you look up and down the beach the groins are all exposed and the notched groins now have water passing between the beach and the start of the rocks. At least there is structure...not like in Long Branch where the sand hasn't yet traveled. Either way its just horrible for the ecosystem.

     As I walked the boards before heading into town to pick up a special gift I noticed someone fishing at the waters edge. I started to think that this guy might just have it right. Dress warm, grab a chair, and soak clams in the off color and rough water. It sure beats throwing flies....well maybe not.
     The next few days into the weekend look promising and I look forward to getting out and catching a December bass. I better do it quick because if it's not over will be soon. But really did it ever start this fall?