Tuesday, February 2, 2010

02.01.10 Organizing, listening, and learning

Spent most of the weekend and early part of the week organizing my gear and fly tying bench. Never did get around to pumping out any rhyacophilia imitations like I planned to. But as I puttered around in my man cave located in the basement of my house that holds me, a future wife, four kids, and three cats- I enjoyed listening to several podcasts. I try to not mention manufacturers or business that aren't paying to advertise, but I have to mention The Itinerant Angler and Ask About Fly Fishing . I listened to some great interviews on the shows that included magazine The Drake owner Tom Bie, author Paul Weamer, guide Rachel Finn and fly caster wiz Tim Rajeff. As much as I hate the new technology era, from time to time I do take advantage and enjoy it. Amazing how I can listen, see and enjoy so many things these days for free! How are people supporting themselves an getting paid? I guess that's the million dollar question. When I figure it out, I won't share it with you!