Sunday, February 21, 2010

02.21.10 Nice visit to the Musconetcong in Asbury

Lucky for me today I was in Asbury for a family party, only a thousand feet from the Musconetcong River. I was able to get to the river around 330 and joined a few guys on the bridge dropping worms into the deep pools below the bridge. They said they got and released a few. I decided for the other bridge where I could be alone. I navigated my way down the snow and ice covered steps and set myself into the only spot there is at river grade. I still had on the fly I "invented" last week so I just went with it. As I turned to check my backcast I saw a nice small pile of yellow corn sitting on a rock.
Just past that a early black stonefly sat on the still white snow. I high sticked the eddy in front of me and slowly worked my way out to the middle with my casts. After about 2 dozen casts I saw a silver flash near where my fly was and soon had on a real nice and healthy 18 inch

rainbow. The fish jumped at least four times before muscling into the deeper water below the falls. I got the fish to the shore and tried to reach for the camera but had to just concentrate on releasing the fish. I was sure there would be another. I made a few more casts, then went downstream a bit, and then finished under the other bridge. I saw some midges in the air, but no rises, and no baetis. As far as my "limit" today, which I had set at three, I got a sneaker, a

glass bottle and a plastic bottle. A little more then an hour later I was sitting down to a turkey dinner. Not a bad day!