Monday, February 8, 2010

02.08.10 New look at The Average Angler

So after looking at the website in black and white for the last few months I decided to make a change. Where before there was no color images on the site, and the background was black, I've decided to brighten things up. I have come to realize that some of these images, although I love black and white, are just better in color. Case in point in the brown trout image I have on the Main Page. This beautiful wild brown was caught on the Lackawanna River. The colors just pop. Below is the comparison between the two.

Stay tuned as some more cool changes are being made to the website. For now the BLOG will remain the same. And weather update, southern New Jersey got blasted with over a foot of snow, while the northern part of the state only got a few inches. Looks like I might hit a river of north this week if the temps up there are approaching the high 30's.