Tuesday, January 26, 2010

01.26.10 "Rain, rain, rain,rain..rain...I don't mind"

Grateful Dead Well actually I do. ( 5 points if you know what song that line is from...and another five if you know the band) So yesterday I got a call from my sister up in Saranac Lake telling me the North Country was flooding over. The temperatures up there had rose and the rains came at the same time. I dropped Rick Nolan, the Superintendent of Black Brook, the town where the lodge is, an email to see how the town was doing. He said yesterday there was a ice dam downriver but the amount of water rushing against it flushed it clear. A few years back a major. ice dam formed at the junction pool where the East and West Branches of the Ausable meet. It flooded part of the town of Jay across the river, and the water crested at the top of the retaining wall the lodge sits on. Below are some ideas on the amount of water we received between rain and runoff in the past few days, in rivers I follow-

East Branch of the Ausable- Jan. 20 (2ft) Jan. 26 (8ft)

West Branch of the Delaware- Jan 20 (650) Jan 25 ( 9000) Jan 26 (2900)

Salmon River @ Pineville - cfs Jan 20 (300) Jan 26 (2390)

South Branch Raritan above High Bridge- Jan 20 (125) Jan 25 (2600) Jan 26 (421)

Lackawanna River @ Archbald - Jan 20 (180) Jan 25 (1800) Jan 26 (625)

So basically there's no fishing, for me, in NJ, NY or PA for the next few days- and then we are supposed to get cold again with snow on the horizon. I regularly watch the stream flows and temps on my favorite rivers, especially the ones that I have any kind of drive to. Looks like I will spending my time brushing up on my entomology lessons and tying flies. I am currently working on some homegrown rychophilia (green rock worm) patterns that I should have up on the BLOG in the next few days.