Friday, January 22, 2010

01.22.10 Day 1 of the Fly Fishing Show

Day 1 of the show is over. Slow day. I worked the Jersey Shore Trout Unlimited booth for two hours and we sold a few raffles for a 500 dollar gift certificate to Cabelas. After that I spent the day in demonstrations and lectures. I watched Lefty Kreh's casting demonstration which was amazing. I sat in on a few great lectures like Aaron Jaspers Czech Nymphing and John Dembeck's Delaware River talks. Both were done and presented well. I will have to try fishing with a 10-12 foot rod and up to a 24 foot leader someday! The method seems to make sense and more productive then the use of split shot and indicators. John Dembeck is a experienced and well known guide. When I received my NYDEC Guide License, #6225, I looked up Jonh's number which was guide # 0189. There's a little difference. The only item I purchased today was a nifty vest mounted rod holder. It's called "Fish hands free", I had a blast with the developer and his wife, and after a great presentation I dropped the 15 bucks for one. I 'll be back tomorrow.