Sunday, July 7, 2024

07.07.24 Had to hurry home quick...

     I wish there was some more fishing going on but there's not. After work on Friday we headed down to Cape May to catch some of the holiday weekend. Lucky for us no traffic going down and no traffic when we left at 8 am Sunday morning. While I'm out on spending big money of food and drink we did 

go and catch a nice dinner at the Crab House Restaurant which I highly recommend if you're in the mood for seafood especially crabs of all types, sizes and grades. On the restaurant side you can't get the all you can eat for $42 and I think that come with an ear of corn. I've done it, it's fun, and worth it.

     And the reason I had to rush home was because on Friday I realized my board certification for my nurse practitioner license expires on Sunday July 7th. Re-certification calls for having completed all kids of CEU's (Continuing education units) and practice hours over the last five years. Board certified nurses and nurse practitioners have strict requirements they must meet to practice. And as far as being compensated for it, it might be worth an extra dollar and hour if you work in a hospital setting. The cost of doing business as a nurse and or nurse practitioner isn't cheap. Every two years we have to renew our license with the state which runs $175-275 and then the board certification runs $275-375. Liability insurance runs $1,200 - $2,400, I pay the later. CPR runs $75 bucks a year and then the cost of scrubs and stuff just adds to the amount it costs to care for others. 

       As part of filling out the renewal application I had to do a timeline of my nursing career going back to when I first got licensed in 1996 after graduating from Essex County College where I now work. 


    That's me, not John Candy, above at the bedside in 1998 while working at Overlook Hospital in Summit. I was assigned to the neurological intensive care unit (NECU) and I worked that schedule around my shifts with the Newark Fire Department. My first side hussle from the F.D. was as an EMT at University Hospital in Newark but I knew I needed a second career to work towards so after I retired from the fire department I would be established. I wouldn't have thought I'd still be a nurse today, some 25 years after the above picture was taken. What a long, strange trip it's been. I hope to fish soon.