Wednesday, July 3, 2024

07.03.24 My skunk continues....

A bass, fluke, bluefish, sundial, cow nose ray, or even a stargazer would have made me happy. I caught a nice sunrise and went to work with a Blados Crease Fly. I like the CF when I want something on top but

a little less then a full out popper. They track nicely and give the water a consistent and noticeable disturbance that really mimics a small baitfish. I thought it was a good choice when I saw some terns hovering over the water and occasionally dipped into the surf. When that didn't get any attention I went

to a crab/baitfish dual fly setup. I was there for the top of the tide and fished for two hours as the water ebbed and the trough became more accessible and fishable. 

     One thing I noticed was the water was still cool, reportedly warmer than it's been but a quick check showed it was 62 degrees when I was there, 10 degrees plus less than normal. That has been the result of all of the southerly winds we have had for about a month now. If I was locked away and was released and brought to the beach and asked what the weather has been it would be an easy answer. If you look 

at the above pic you can see how shoaled up the south sides of the groin is. That's like really shoaled up for that spot. Usually you have to wade out a bit to get to the notched groin but the sand was all kinds 

of stacked up on the south side and a bowl formed on the north side. I fished it all, from the beach and the rocks, but didn't get a tap, up top, on a dual set up, and then a single fly. I called it a morning when 

couldn't take it anymore and made my way to Bagel Talk for a breakfast treat, one I haven't had in a long while. Of course they would have white milk, nope, only 100 chocolate milks, so I had to settle for

an OJ to wash down and egg and cheese on a scooped and toasted everything bagel. That made the early up and long ride worth it, plus that beautiful sunrise.