Thursday, November 23, 2023

11.23.23 Get in on the Squimpish Black Friday sale...

      You all know I'm a huge fan of Dave and Stephanie Nelson's Squimpish line of fly tying materials. From Squimpsih hair to Boutique Blends to Dubbing Brushes I use and like them all. Well Squimpish is offering their Black Friday sale from today through Monday with a 30% off savings with free shipping over $50. 

     Most of the flies I tie and use, especially for the early herring flies and larger peanut and adult bunkerish flies, are made with part or all Squimpish materials. While bucktail has been a mainstay for saltwater flies to me Squimpish gives the beginner, novice, or expert a place to tie larger flies just a tad more easier. It's almost like cheating.