Thursday, November 9, 2023

11.09.23 Nice little afternoon....

     My students have a huge exam today so I cut them out a few minutes early. You, know, to support their studies and success in nursing. I wasn't really planning on fishing and was going to wait for a full day off to make a day of it. But I went. So I snooped at a spot and found it to be lifeless, at least for the moment I was there. I figured it would be the same bus route stops, if you will, that I do each time I fish. 

     I got a "phone a friend" call checking to see if I was in the area south of where I was. After a quick drive and a short walk from the parking lot to the waters edge I could see there was some life and a chance I could have a nice afternoon. And I did. 

     I lost count of the number of fish but I would at least 15 to 32 inches would be a fair estimate. I did an equal amount of taking pictures as I did fishing. When I got home I was disappointed with the selection. Not tight enough. Not sharp (in focus) enough. Bunker overexposed. Just not happy. I could have done better. I shot good video though and that I'll share in a later post. 

     The best image I got was of Leif proudly holding one of his at least 30 fish he caught throughout the course of a long day out fishing. You know if you just keep at it you will find some fish and have a great day. This day is one I'll remember as it was in my top 10 of all my time. Not the numbers, not the size, but just a day if you were in the right place and got lucky, you might just have hit the jackpot. It was the wind, the tide, an approaching new moon, and all the bait, birds, and bass you wanted. 

Sometimes a blind squirrel does find the nuts.