Saturday, October 2, 2021

10.01.21 Bait on the beach but no fish in the water....

     My day put me in Monmouth County so I took advantage of being there and hit the beach. End of the incoming with a west wind which kept the water flat. Not much on the horizon but did find birds working over bait along the waters edge. Spearing, mullet, rain fish and peanut bunker on the move

with nothing in the water chasing them up on the beach. To me, it look liked it was purely tide related. Swimming along the trough in skinny water and then washing up and over and getting harassed by gulls.

     The first light bite seems to be more productive if you go. Same bait, same usual places, and an occasional bass or blue in the hunt. Leif got the below bass that fell to a Snake Fly, typical of the one nd done outings that have become the norm.