Thursday, January 16, 2020

01.15.20 Quick break before the winter comes....

     I had some time between morning and evening patients so I took some mental health time and headed to the river. With my new NJ Fishing License on board I hit the PA side, where, I think its legal to still fish. According to the PA Fish and Game website the regulations allow fishing from the State line up river until and past the Calhoun Street bridge. Thats the line of different regulations as far as keeping striped bass are concerned.

     Two hours left on the falling tide and 42 degree water temps had me thinking maybe a holdover bass, or walleye, or muskie might be lurking around. The wind was honking but I made the best of my hour and didn't get blow over into the water. Didn't get a tap but it was fun to explore a bit. This spring I'll be mostly on the Delaware with a few beach trips mixed in.

     I'm still hoping to make it to Marthas Vineyard sometime in June. While my old fishing partners have moved away from that trip, and I did last year also, the thought of sight fishing gets my juices flowing.

Now, thats my last trip til spring, or at least February when the walleyes really start to bite, or so I am told.