Saturday, January 4, 2020

01.04.20 On the board for 2020....

     Went to bed last night with no intention of going fishing today. Did get some texts last evening for Joe stating he had a handful of fish in the afternoon. Well woke up at 5am and startled Theresa who said, 'What's up?". I said I had a dream I went fishing and she said, "So go."

     I picked Leif up at 630 and we headed north. Settled into a spot and on the fourth cast I got 'On the board" for 2020. I had a feeling it would be. double-digit day of micro bass but it was one-and -done for both of us. Great looking water both north and south. The water temps were somewhere above 40,  probably 45 at the Hook and 42-43 in Deal. You could feel the difference.

     That will probably do it for me until March when I start looking out here in the Delaware River for those early spring stripers. I might give the walleye fishing a shot as I have seen boast in the river in February, and not to far of the shore. The Fly Fishing Show is January 24, 25, 26th and after missing a few years I might take a ride up.

     Go through your gear. Send the roads in for repair. Tie some flies. Get ready for another year.