Monday, December 16, 2019

12.15.19 Nice weekend in Newport....

     We had a great time in Newport this weekend, as usual. Attended a Christmas Gala at Ocean Cliff on Friday and then did a shopping tour in town and Bristol and Warren. On Sunday we hit the Cliff Walk early after grabbing coffee and heading to Ledge Avenue to watch the sunrise. Couldn't help but

notice the For Sale planted outside 41 Ledge Avenue which at 11,000,000 would make a nice summer place for the family. 

     I first discovered Newport in 1993 and have been going back pretty much every year since. I was never a saltwater guy back in the day, even when I filled in at The Fly Hatch. I was all about the trout, and the Upper Delaware. That changed in 2003 when I took a charter with Capt. Cory from The Saltwater Edge. I then shared my passion for fly-fishing freshwaters with the salt. 

      While I have loved my last 7 years heading up to Marthas Vineyard and Block Island, Newport still holds a special place for me, with a healthier mix of fly-fishing and other things to do. Plus, you don't have to take a ferry to get to Newport as you do with the other two islands.

     So, if I had to pick a place to buy a second home, a summer cottage say, it would be in Newport, or Bristol, or Warren, RI. As fishing in 2019 winds down for me I look forward to next year already. Will there be a Marthas Vineyard trip? Well I know with the guys, they are done with it. Last year bringing Theresa was great, however, it is really hard to balance a fishing trip, tides, time of day, sun, and a nice getaway for a couple. Maybe I should just put MV memories in a good place and look for another location to make good memories.