Saturday, March 30, 2019

03.28.19 Wrong tide and time but nice to get out....

      Busy spring as school is winding down to the last month and the lease is up for the apartment in Red Bank. The weather was supposed to be nice and although my window of opportunity put me on the water around 8 am and on the low tide it felt good to find my gear in the basement, put on the no-leaking Simms waders, and give it a go. 

     Found a few guys soaking clams and worms and they were enjoying just being out than catching. I found the bar that came off the flat and worked the area for about 45 minutes before heading in. Action has started to heat up in the bay for the die hards. Mostly smaller fish on the beaches but guys out in the boats are finding marks. These fish tend to be bottom hanging and looking down thats why bait makers, bunker chances, clams, and worms, do better than flies early season. 

     One thing I remembered while out in the water, remember, if you are like me and have a stripping basket set-up for the bay and beach make sure you grab the right one. I grabbed the one with holes, which isn't perfect when wading up to your waist. The water intrusion just make the fly line float and adds resistance when shooting line out of the basket. This week we should see a warm-up and the low er tide mornings will make the flood tides onto a warm muddy bottom better for fishing in the afternoon. Enjoy!