Wednesday, March 27, 2019

03.27.19 Almost time.....

    And so it begins. I grabbed the above picture off social media of an early season schoolies that fell for a clam. Its usually bait that gets the early worm, with worms one of the baits that gets the early fish eating. The bay is starting to heat up and the bunker have already started to invade with early reports of bass following them in. 

     Last week we had a huge bunker kill in the Shrewsbury as either the bigger fish or seals had chased the large number of aunt bunker in and depleted the oxygen levels causing them to die. Below is a grab of the water temps in the Raritan Bay in Keansburg and I like to see that we are almost at 50 degrees depending on the tide. Tomorrow I might have a shot at getting the waders on and giving it a shot. It will be nice to just walk the sand and make some casts in the western part of the bay.