Monday, December 24, 2018

12.24.18 Interesting stomach contents from early December....

    So as a fly fisherman, well I guess most fisherman, you try and match the hatch, or at least have some idea what the bass are eating. Frank R. from down south was fishing the back bays in early December and caught a keeper for there table. He shared the stomach contents on Facebook after cleaning the fish.

     We see it ate some sand eels and what looks like a killifish or maybe a small weakfish?, not sure. But what I was amazed at was the amount of grass shrimp that were in its stomach. While I know crabs and shrimp are staples in their diets I wouldn't have guessed that in early December shrimp would be on the menu. I guess that shouldn't surprise me though as I heard that the two keepers caught along the Jersey Shore beaches this fall had a mix of sand eels and sand fleas in them. 

     As far as a report. Well, I am done two weeks ago. Here some guys here and there catching the 20 inchers depending on the day, time, and tide. If you are new here make sure you go to The Fly Fishing Show thats coming up in January. It'll feed the fix and break that long gap till April-May.