Wednesday, December 5, 2018

12.05.18 "That's All Folks......"

 .....Quit #1. I'm done. Season predicted just as I expected. No "peanuts in the back", no "big body of fish in Long Island".....what did happen was the sand eel bite that mostly would/will happen in Ocean County. So, and after todays finger numbing shot I'm done.

     Okay, maybe not, but I hope so. I usually quit three times each winter. Got down around 6 and met up with Leif. Nice 28 digress, wind NE, not bad surf, just no fish. I fished for a while and made stops at Long Branch (x2), Monmouth Beach, Sea Bright (x2), and the Hook (x3). Not a tap on the end of the incoming and a few hours on the ebb.

    The Hook looked the most promising as the birds were active both diving and looking. I feel good with being done, almost relieved its over. Ocean County is your best shot for fish now.....before that "big body" arrives.