Friday, December 14, 2018

12.14.18 Well that's a wrap....literally

     I guess now moving forward I should plan on posting weekly. If people know there's a post a week maybe they will continue to come- so let's figure you should check each Friday- that's not saying there won't be more posts in between, but by Friday there should be something up. It will keep you into the game since "its over" now, and at least for fly fishermen, and it won't start up until April at the very earliest. In 2019 I'll be taking my drift boat in front of my house for some spring Delaware River stripers!

     On Tuesday I got down to Atlantic Highlands Marina and picked up the boat and brought it to Gateway. Within a day it was winterized and wrapped and ready for its new winter home in Titusville. I did hit the beach afterwards for about an hour and found no life. Water was high, annoyingly all over the place due to beach replenishment and then an angry Mother Nature who tries to take it back. You couldn't fish a trough with a fly rod if you wanted to. 

     Lots of white water that started at the lip and then rolled up the scarp to Ocean Avenue. So either you take a beating, have your fly washed up or left and right, or try and catch fish that are buried in the sand. Just for the record......I'm done for good for 2018. Quit number two I think.

    I am also done with school this semester!! Took my 4-1/2 hour final Thursday night. I'll still have clinical through the holidays but won't return to class until January 23rd.....then its only a few months until I AM DONE in April. Tossing around the idea of going right into a doctoral program. Any pause and I might just lose momentum. Problem is my student loans are up to $85,000 right now- not sure what Dave Ramsey would say about that.

      My buddy Paul from Reel Therapy was out yesterday and found some fish a little south. The weather is nice enough so while it might be "over" its still fishing and good for the mind and soul .