Friday, December 7, 2018

12.07.18 "I get fish with a little help from my friends....."

...okay so I pulled the trigger a little quick yesterday. After school drop-offs I hit the local beaches. Cold, wind blowing, not much protection from the NW. Didn't see much. My mission today was bring the boat from AH marina to Gateway for winterization, however the hitch I had from the camper, more on that later, was too big. Have to do that next week. 

Leif Petersen photos
     I hit up a few buds who said they were into them good at sunup. One on the fly rod the other using a spinning rod. So, still having my stuff in my truck, and realizing it just may a first light bite, I decided to give it a go. 

     When I got there there was a few guys fishing and I walked to fish alone. One guy walked down to me and caught at least a handful on a small rubber shad. I was using a chartreuse/ white sand eel and just when I thought about switching up I went tight. Nice fish, good fight, I decided to change up 

anyway. There was some whale action, with no birds diving, so my intention was to maybe entice a bigger, keeper sized, fish into eating. That never came about. I made a move and went back to the

sand eel imitation and found a honey hole where three came pretty back-to-back. The water on the ebb was pretty boring and after seeing Leif's first light pics I wish I was there. It was pretty but I bet pretty cold too. If this is it, which I think it is, it was a good way to end, at least getting a half a dozen to hand.