Monday, December 6, 2010

12.06.10 Okay's least that's my call's time to put a fork in it. I will still have my fly rod and gear in the back of the truck for the next week or so, but I am calling it a season. Time to move on. i went down to Deal today, Water was tinged, 51 degrees, nasty cold air @ 34 degrees, just nasty. Just done. I did see gannets plunging into the water out off aways, probably on herring.

It's time to turn my attention to tying, going over the gear, booking trips for next spring, and maybe an outing to the Catskills or Adirondacks for some winter trout or landlocked salmon. I am sure this thing


thats blowing down from Canada and putting us, the east coast, in a deep freeze. We had snow here in Ocean Township, my sister has it in Saranac Lake, and it's 22 degrees in Deposit with light snow. So I am sure that will shut things down for a while. Forget the fact that Dave called me today and said it's really cold, 56 degrees, in Tampa. You know what that means, the redfish are burrowed in on the bottom and any remaining snook that didn't get killed off during last years freeze are worried.

Look to the bright side. Hannukah is here, Christmas is coming, and it's almost New Years. Soon it will be the Fly Fishing Show at Somerset just as cabin fever sets in in January.

Stay tuned to the blog as it will shift from the daily striper hunt to more of the in between season things I do as I get ready for the spring.

I'll let you know how Florida and Dave is when I get back Thursday.