Sunday, December 5, 2010

12.05.10 There's still fish around...went to the Nets-Celtics game instead

It's busy, busy, busy time nowadays. I do believe things are super slowed down, but not yet done. I do hope to catch some striped bass for the next week or so. It's getting out that's the problem. Kids, holidays, parties, honey-do lists, and today the Nets-Celtics game in Newark. Too bad it was a yawner, Nets lost by 25 points. Got my 50 dollar a seat tickets for 40 bucks for two on a internet ticket website 3 hours before gametime. That's was pretty cool, and easy. I drove and parked for FREE on the street a block away. They charge 25 dollars to park.

But the big news I read about off of Betty and Nicks website was that the Berkley Striper Club had their tagging weekend this weekend and the teams of 38 anglers caught 265 bass from Brick to Island Beach State Park. One guy had 34 bass, the biggest was 31 inches.

So it seems the biggest of the fall have moved on, but there are plenty around for those who dare to brave the elements. Glad I'll be in Florida on redfish starting Tuesday!