Monday, March 29, 2010

03.29.10 Toms River floods as east coast gets pounded with rain

Well the eastern seaboard continues to get hammered with rain. I had a tiny window today so I decided to take a quick drive over to the Jersey Shore TU's home water of the Toms River. Needless to say it was swollen and roaring. The state stocked it last week some time and I bought along my rod to fish the Trout Conservation Area. As I walked along the flooded road that follows the river I thought that float stocking couldn't spread these fish out any better. I made a few casts with a wooly bugger to no avail. What I did notice was the states sign for the special regulation area was down

and laying waterlogged in the leaves. There was also part of an old sign hanging on a tree. The signage there is poor. If I was using fatheads I wouldn't be able to tell where the TCA starts and the open area ends. I am going to mention it to our club to see if we can get some better, and maybe even some educational, signs down there. People wouldn't know it's special regulation area unless they knew on there own. During my trip I did "take" two pieces of trash out, a couple of

plastic bottles. It was fun being out but I can't wait till May !!