Wednesday, March 10, 2010

03.10.10 " Can't touch this...." Hammertime!

Got back home at 230 am, just in time for my 630 am surgery. So we were stranded from Sunday morning through Tuesday night in the Adirondacks after the trans blew on the pickup. All in all it wasn't bad. On Monday I borrowed some wheels so I loaded up my mother and headed to Malone to scout the Salmon River for the upcoming season. Found some beautiful water after a long journey through the city and the countryside along the river. I have seen some videos of the wild browns that live here and can't wait to get into some. I followed the river to Chasm Falls and then into Titusville State Forest. Lots of water up to the park but looks like
little access. On the way back to Saranac Lake I stopped by a place that was selling a used drift boat last summer. I knocked on the door and the owner said he still had thee boat it was around back if I wanted to see it. It's a 16 foot aluminum two angler plus rower boat. It's in pretty good shape just needs a little TLC and some use out on the water. I placed a call to the

manufacturer and he told me it was built it 1995 in Oregon, and was sent to Colorado. As far as the picture above this morning I had surgery to repair a hammertoe on my right foot. I don't know if you know how painful a hammertoe with the associated corn is, but if you hit it just right you will pass out from the pain. Forget about jamming it into waders. So my podiatrist opened up my pinky toe and shaved down the bones along thee outer edge of my toes and foot. Needless to say I won't be fishing anytime soon- as MC Hammer would say- "Can't touch this"