Tuesday, March 2, 2010

03.02.10 Great day on the Lackawanna River

Last night I decided that I would take a day trip out to one of my favorite rivers, the Lackawanna River. The tri-state area has recently seen a lot os snow, and the Scranton area wasn't spared. I got on the Garden State Parkway around 730 at exit 100 and fours hours later I was pulling into A&G Outfitters in Dickson City. This is the local fly fishing shop for the Lackawanna. They used to be in a different location and I can remember visiting them with the boys when they opened there years ago. I spent some time talking with Gerry the owner about the river and how things have been both with fishing and business. It is nice to see a fly shop still open these days. In the shop are a few boards with pictures of anglers and their fish, I remembered then how healthy Lackawanna wild brown trout really are. After a half hour he kicked me out of the shop to get fishing and I took the 15 minute ride up to Archbald to a place where I have had many good memories. I parked along River Road and trudged through the snow that covered the Lackawanna Heritage Trail and found my way down the snow covered bank to the water. I forgot my thermometer so I don't know what the water temps were when I got in but the air temp was above 40. I worked my way

upstream and fished some great water, and fished it hard. I tried, my own fly that has no name, a size 14 black stonefly nymph, a tungsten beadhead prince nymph, and a black wooly bugger. Nothing. Around 1pm I started to notice more midges in the air, and when I turned and looked they were walking on top of the melting snow on the banks, along with early black stoneflies. It was neat to see some bugs and I spent some time catching and photographing them. I then

saw something that caught my eye, caddisflies- both in the air and on the downstream sides of the snow and ice covered rocks. Now I was having fun. Even though there were no fish for me, I always enjoy studying bugs. Just when I

thought it couldn't get any better, I looked down into a small eddy and saw a couple of size 16 mayflies on top of the water. A hatch? Yep, there were a dozen or so baetis on drying their wings out. I was able to get a hold of one before it

flew away. So I had a, well not a trifecta, but four different bugs up at the same time, midges, stoneflies, caddisflies, and mayflies- not bad for a cold early March afternoon. After a few hours I made my way back to the car and stopped on the bridge on River Road and took a quick look down. Of course I found two healthy browns below the bridge both taking midge nymphs or pupa. I tried to get on them but I surely chased them off after a few casts. I worked my way downstream past the park into bigger water with no takers. During the day I was able to take my "limit" in garbage for the day, which was three, a styrofoam cup, a take out rice container, and a plastic bag. Thanks to the bugs it was well worth the long round trip 7 hour drive. Catching no fish will only make me want to come back even more when things warm up a bit.