Tuesday, June 23, 2009

06.22.09 Rain, rain, rain

So much for trying to get out to fish or try the new drift boat. It looks like most of the waters that hold trout from New Jersey, to the Catskills, and even up to the Adirondacks are way up or unfishable. I have been watching the flows on Delaware system and the West Branch of the Ausable (WBA). The West Branch, which was at 260 cfs when I fished it in the beginning of May, hit 6,000 cfs on June 20th, and today is running 4,350 cfs at Hale Eddy. The WBA is high and a bit dirty but there are Drakes around and recent reports of Coffin flies at night. That will probably be my next trip, hoping that maybe this weekend I can get up there.