Friday, June 12, 2009

06.12.09 So many little time

I realized some things the other day while fishing the Big Flatbrook. I have way to many flies, not the right ones, and, my fly boxes are a mess. Why do I carry Hendricksons, every which way, when the Hendricksons are long gone? I figure the next big hatches I will catch are the sulphurs and isonychias, but those flies are in a separate storage container. So I've decided to empty my fly boxes and separate them putting them into a bigger plastic box ? Basically I am looking to sort the flies by their hatch schedule and keep them there until I need them. I'll see if that works. Funny thing- at one point- I had a small pile of flies- most of them size 12-14- that I still don't know what they are, or why I bought them. But I do know, on that day, before that hatch, that's what I was told or thought was going to work.