Sunday, June 7, 2009

06.06.09 Picked up an Orvis Silver Label TL 9' 5wt

I recently looked at my fly rod that I use most of the time. It's the one Fran Betters made me a few years back. Funny thing is I never really paid attention to the size, it's a 4/5 weight 7'6" mid flex. No wonder I have such a hard time making long casts on the West Branch of the Delaware. Last weekend I spent some time at The Beaverkill Angler looking at the new Orvis Helios. Nice rods, nice and light, out of my price range.  No fishing for me this weekend, it's been pouring the last few days, and now today it's bright sun and 150 degrees. I've just able to spend some time surfing the web. So I checked out Craigslist and searched New Jersey for fly rods. I found a woman in Matawan selling three Orvis rods, one a Clearwater, the second a Superfine 9' - 6 weight, and the last the 9' 5 weight. I picked up my reel at home and lugged Cindy and the kids up to check them out. After casting them all I decided to buy the 5 weight, for 100 bucks. Hoping to run up to Deposit tomorrow and hit the West Branch and use a new underwater housing I just bought for the Sony HDR SR-12 video camera.