Sunday, May 24, 2009

05.22.09 Assunpink Creek-and a bag of corn

I was on my way to shoot an assignment at Mercer County Park when I saw the stocking signs on some trees along Old Trenton Road. After shooting the job, high school crew nationals, I stopped by to take a quick look. It was kind of a neat setting. A small parking area surrounded by tall pines and a path that led down to the water. As I made way down I saw a bright bag sitting on the banks. Before I approached to check it out further I waited a minute to see if there was any sign of life above or in the river. I watched the water, but couldn't help trying to read the writing on the bag- then I got it- cut corn. I guess that's what gets them here. The water was stained and dark, with no signs of life. It was a pretty setting- but I
couldn't get into it, the bag of corn ruined it for me. As I walked a little bit downstream a large crane took off from the shallows, startling me for a minute. There were trees alongside the stream and their branches hung over the water. I trained my eye on a branch and saw what could be a tasty meal for any trout set up underneath it. A large fat gypsy moth sat motionless on a bare branch. 
Now that is a terrestrial! But I guess this water is typical of New Jersey and put-and-take trout fishing. I can't imagine any trout surviving a low-water high temperature summers day here. There is plenty of cover, but between the cranes and the corn, I think holdovers are out of the question.