Friday, February 14, 2020

02.14.20 New New Jersey striped bass regs almost 100% set.....

     Here we go. So here's the story as I got it. Last nights meeting was held in a shoebox and they turned people away because the venue was so small. Also, with most people there for the striped bass comment and decision they decided to make it the third topic of the evening, leaving most folks outside the room or building.

     What I've heard is this. 

Striped Bass 2020 Regulations-  (after submission and approval to the ASMFC)

                       March 1st to December 31st. One fish 28-38 inches. 

                       March 15 to December 31st BONUS TAGS in effect 24-28" fish with 27,000 tags available for purchase. It eliminates trophy tags for big fish, and bonus tag  fish cant be harvested if they are over 28". These are the 2014-2016 year class fish. As we have seen we have decimated the years class 2010-2012, that evidenced by the lack of 28-35" fish we saw on the boats and beaches this fall.

We've killed most of the big fish, almost all of the medium fish, and are now gonna get the little ones. There is a thought that the smaller 28-38" fish are mostly males, open up the Bonus Tag slot to take the 24" fish and you are just aiming and firing at both female and male babies just getting out of the nursery. 

So what that means is when you peer into the dumpsters at the marina this year you'll be staring at the tacks of small bass, the future of the fishery. 

I'll have to check on exactly New York has finally decided, because isn't it a hoot that New York and New Jersey boaters and head boasts and recreational boat anglers fish the sea waters, but may have different seasons and bag limits, while fishing in the same pond. Kind of like different regulations for the Delaware River between NJ, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.