Saturday, February 1, 2020

01.31.20 In the area so I took a shot.....

     Was down in the area so decided to take a peek. Outgoing tide with about two hours till low. Air temps below 40 and water temps just above. First noticed the crabs on the beach and was brought back to 2012 when we had spring-like conditions all winter with lots of fish around, mostly on the rock or Jonah crabs. 

    I had tied up a crab fly which I thought looked good until I placed it down next to a pair of actuals...maybe thats why I didn't get a sniff. Looking at it now I see where I have to make some improvements, for one, after seeing it during the retrieve, is to add some tungsten powder on the underside so it rides flat in the water.

Good to be able to get in late January...spring cant come soon enough!