Saturday, February 1, 2020

02.01.20 Been missing this guy this past week....

     Readers here know how fond I was of Jim Matson, and his wife Laura, from BrineFly Innovations, the inventor of the Pulse Disc. Jim passed away in 2018 after a quick battle with pancreatic cancer. Jim was an ironworker, a tinkerer, an inventor and innovator. He was a retired Ironworker and the skill of his hands matched the creative thought processes in his mind.

     So this year was the first time I was able to make The Fly Fishing show since Jim's death. In my rush through to catch up with old friends and find the latest "thing" out there it wasn't until afterwards that I realized what was missing. I quickly came up with some things that missed from the old venue, but what tugged at my heart was not seeing Jim. 

    When you lose someone close, life goes on, you, hopefully are able to go with life. I see that since I lost Ryan two years ago, some days harder than others. On the days where the ones that passed are close to our hearts we are usually left missing them because of the good memories we had. While Jim and I weren't "besties", I always remember talking with him on the phone, seeing him at the shows, opening up his "mystery boxes" of things he would end me, and visiting his home and being allowed into his basement laboratory, where his greatest innovations were created. 

     I never got to fish with Jim, but used his flies, some that would come with a plastic sleeve where "juice", either herring or bunker, could be injected into it that would be released over time while fishing. But is was Pulse Disc that he was mostly known for. My favorite was that coupled with a Brad Buzzi sand eel fly in the fall. I used them from the beach and boat and always had good luck. 

     Enjoy the company of good people, learn from they know and are willing to share, don't miss an opportunity to stay in touch or get together, and if you do you'll have great memories when you do think of them.