Friday, August 30, 2019

08.30.19 Feeling and looking like fall....

     Fall just wants to arrive . Up at 250 and on the water by 4am. 56 degrees, with water temps low 70's. Tried the popper on the incoming in the dark and had a bass jump it but didn't hit. Leif and fished without a tap till 7ish which was very disappointing. It was a mullet looking morning but there was nothing in the illuminated waves. 

     I tied up a go to fly last night that wasn't go-to at all. I tied it with a few Cape May Brewery "Devils' Reach" in me....which is why it looks messed up. Below I tried a panoramic shot and either I moved or the swells from Hurricane Dorian are starting to show on the horizon. Next outing will be in September with a trip booked next Sunday with a visitor from the U.K. Got to find them and get it done......maybe early albies?