Monday, August 19, 2019

08.18.19 Been a while but had to take the ride down to the beach.....Happy Birthday Ryan!

Ryan was born 23 years ago today. Your children's birth is one of the happiest days of your life, and their death one of the hardest to swallow. Lately I've been missing my boy more than I have since his death almost two years ago. I don't miss the memories, those are good, I miss what could have continued to develop between us, and in him as a man, as he conquers the challenges in life. He surely was such a smart and talented young man. 

     So I made my way down to the beach and to Phillips Ave where I had spread his ashes nearly two falls ago. There is a rock I have named "Ryans Rock" because it was there where I stood and let him be carried by the wind into the ocean as "Blackbird" played on my phone. I remember the first day I went down to the beach after his death and it was a spectacular sunrise, today, not so much, but I enjoyed the moment, and the song. 

     I haven't posted here in a bit because luckily after passing the board exam we took the family on a few trips, one in July to the Adirondacks staying in a house on Lower Saranac Lake and one down this past week to Cape May in the camper. I have been talking with some of my buddies who have fished regularly and its the normal summer bite, mostly short fluke, a bass or two, tiny blues, and then a surprise ray or Spanish mackerel. Yesterday I fished the incoming and had about 10 fluke with the biggest being 17 inches.

     I am looking forward to the fall run and in about a month the mullet run should begin, I just hope the bass follow. Last years mullet was that good, and as always, if it is, it could be interrupted by the fall Nor'Easters, which we definitely need to cut up the shoaled up beaches from the constant south winds and littoral current running south to north. Its a good time to book a walk and wade trip in order to be ready for the good (I hope) fall fishing when tiny baits are moving along the beaches and the bass, blues, and albies are in pursuit.

     I am ready for the albies to start invading and if you haven't fished for them, or caught them on a fly rod, then call me to book a date. Its chasing birds, throwing tiny flies, and reel screaming action taking you into your backing. even if you don't pick an actual date, I can put you on the "albie" list so when they come in I can call and get you and a buddy out there. I will be fishing the beginning of the fall running boat and walk and wade trips until my new office and practice are set-up and ready to start accepting patients, which should be mid-October. Call, text or email me. 732 261 7291