Sunday, October 18, 2015

10.18.15 I think winter blew in this morning......

     Couldn't believe temps were in the 30's this morning when I got out. Wind was stiff, air was brisk, and the wet fly line made my hands sting. Was greeted by bunker with some fish on them within range, for a surfcaster, for a few minutes before they moved south, then north, in front of us with eventually boats around, through, and in them.
     Couldn't stay long as I had to hit Stockton College with my son for his second open house. I liked it the first time I visited with my older son and daughter and think it would be a great college for Sean. One thing is for sure, Stockton knows how to hold an open and drink all day.

Hoping to get out a few times this week but work and finishing up this round of school classes might put a kink in it.......and pic trivia answer......that's Shell E. Caris from Shore Catch