Saturday, October 17, 2015

10.17.15 The fall run had begun.......

......well maybe not where I was fishing this morning. Beautiful Lake Atlantic out there this morning. If a fish farted within a half a mile from the beach you could see the bubbles. NW wind + start of the incoming = flat, flat flat. Did manage a winter flounder that took a white Clouser but that was the only bump. No signs of bait up close and didn't see the bunker pods in the same places I was yesterday.

     I knew for sure that the anglers on the boats yesterday, and I am sure as well today and tomorrow, would do good and I was right. Although I usually don't post other peoples pics I have to share Gene Quigley's from Shore Catch Guide Service's pic he posted yesterday. He had good bass on the bunker pods and albies on the fly chasing small bait. Looks like his sports had a good day yesterday.