Sunday, January 25, 2015

01.25.15 Back from The Fly Fishing Show......

     Well after nearly twenty years of attending and working The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset I finally had my own booth. It was a big decision getting a booth because the truth is it isn't cheap and it's a lot of work but I think it was a good move.
     I have to thank everyone who stopped by my booth or attended my seminars. I presented "Fly Fishing The Jersey Jetties" and had a great turnout with the best being on Sunday where I had over 40 come out. It was also a pleasure being a part of the Women's Fly Fishing Showcase where I presented 'Kids and Fly Fishing; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"
     I was able to walk the floor several times and noticed how many "destination" booths there were. All of the big manufacturers were on hand and it was good to see Orvis back at the show. I looked for something new and innovative that jumped out at me but nothing really grabbed me. I was next to the Kast booth and there's a pretty big hype on the Kast gloves and I was able to try them on for size. I might be including them in my foul weather gear arsenal.
    I was surprised but I didn't make a purchase all weekend, except buying raffles supporting the local fly fishing clubs. My phone hasn't rung yet so I guess I didn't win.
    I look forward to fishing with my old clients this year, and hopefully with all of the "new" people that attended my seminars or stopped by the booth. I think it was a successful show for me and if you had to ask me right now I think I'd sign up for next year.