Tuesday, January 20, 2015

01.20.15 Contracts awarded for "Jetty Country"

     The $38,282,230 contract was awarded this week to a Seattle based company that will perform beach replenishment and "alterations" to groins from Phillips Ave to Loch Arbor ending at 8th Ave. This is phase one of the Lake Takanasee to Loch Arbor project, with the Phillips Ave north to Lake Takanasee being awarded later this year.

In phase one 1,400,000 cubic yards of sand will be pumped and the lengthening of six storm water outflows will be extended. Two groins, Brighton Ave and Marine Place will be notched. Phillips Ave will be notched in the second phase. The original plan called for six groins to be modified but in the end  only those three will be ruined.

Also, plans will be finalized between the Army Corp and the Deal Lake Commission on an electronic gate in the 8th Ave flume that will be installed to allow the outflow to be cleared of sand.