Wednesday, September 22, 2010

09.22.10 Great fishing, not catching

Got a hot tip from my new salt water fishing mentor Al who said he was heading to Deal for hopeful first light bite. I met him at Phillips Ave around 6 am and we fishing along the jetty and from the beach. He hooked two on a popper but lost them in the surf. I saw some bait jumping here and there but no takes on the fly rod. As with anything else, you don't know how much you

don't know, until someone tells you how much they know. Basically, there's fish all around the beach, in the wash, behind the rip, along the jetties- just because you don't see a blitz doesn't mean they aren't set up and waiting. I moved on to Allenhurst and spent the next 2 hours fishing both sides of the jetty. I had one hit, and that was it. I fished the swirl behind the jetty on the southside and got swamped by a wave, and I learned some thing else.
I need to drill holes in the bottom of my stripping basket to let the water drain out. I also almost busted my ass on the wet jetty, with my spikes sitting in the bed of my pickup. I stopped by the 8th Ave jetty is Asbury before going home, they had bass there at first light, with a few keepers to 37 inches. Looks like I'll be missing from the fishing scene till next week. Getting married on Saturday in Lambertville, I wonder if the stripers have made their way up the Delaware?