Monday, September 13, 2010

09.12.10 Up to the Delaware and gettin' ready for albies

Ran up to the West Branch after getting a request froma magazine for Delaware river system didymo type images. I reached out to Joe D. and he suggested some locations. The only problem is the upper West Branch was moving around 1,000 cfs and was stained from Deposit to Shehawken. I tried the East Branch and then the main in Callicoon but came up dry. These are images I should have had in a hard drive somewhere. Anyway, spent most of last week
shooting Fashion Week in New York City, which I'm sure isn't interesting to most of you. Fishing wise, it was nice to look at the West Branch again, but I'll be gearing up for the insanity of "catching" the albies the times when they are close to the beaches down the Jersey shore.